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For Stanford University: Web Accessibilty and Information Architecture

(as Stanford University Media Solutions staff member)

Freelance | Stanford: Web Accessibility | Information Architecture | Graphic Design

Web Accessibility


Stanford U. Web Accessibility Best Practices Launched July 2004. (Site redesigned since.)
Roles: Producer, Content Author, Information Architect, and Site Developer for Stanford’s first central web accessibility resource site to increase awareness, advocate for the improved practices, and provide self-help resources.

(In progress)

Sakai Project Web Accessibility Consulting

About the Sakai Project: http://www.sakaiproject.org Ongoing.
Ambitious collaboration among the University of Michigan, MIT, Stanford, Indiana University, the uPortal Consortium, and the Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) to integrate and synchronize their independently developed course management systems into a modular, integrated collection of open source tools.
Role: Web Accessibility consultant for Stanford’s team. Represent the Stanford Sakai team regarding web accessibility concerns and procedures. Participate in assessment of current tools and applications. Conduct accessibility user testing of the Sakai Assessment Manager. Write analysis reports, including recommendations for code revisions. Collaboratively define standards for Sakai Web Accessibility style guides.


Information Architecture and Project Management

Sample page with complex navigation: Research Library Cooperative Program

Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR)
Launched January 2004.
Roles: Producer, Lead Information Designer, including site analysis and reorganization for large scale site overhaul, producing documents (content audit, sitemaps, and content inventories) and managing client feedback for approximately 1700 pages in 1 main and 16 sub-sites. Trained and managed Media Solutions staff for the SULAIR information design effort. Designed and conducted training sessions in Dreamweaver and navigation/information design for approximately 80 client site maintainers.

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Parker on the Web Prototype
Launched Summer 2004.
Prototype (JSP front end, XML back end) for an interactive, web-based workspace providing remote access to precious materials and enabling real-time discovery and manipulation of all 100,000-150,000 pages of the Parker Library’s 500-plus manuscripts; complete files of transcriptions, transliterations and translations; and links to related primary and secondary material. For beta version of site, designed by another vendor, see: http://parkerweb.stanford.edu.


Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
Launched 2003 (site has been redesigned since)
Roles: Project Co-Manager, Lead Information Designer, some art direction. Site analysis and reorganization for suite of 7 websites. Co-wrote user maintenance guide and trained site maintainers.

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Environmental Health and Safety Training Program
Launched 2004
Series of online training modules offerred to the entire Stanford faculty and staff. The Login procedure checks users based on level of training required.


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Training
Launched 2003
Series of online training modules for Stanford faculty and staff affected by HIPAA legislation.

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